In downtown Miami’s Lummus Park Historic District are several significant landmarks. Two of them stand side-by-side in the City of Miami’s oldest park and both were moved here from their original locations to save them. 

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The Wagner Homestead was built by a pioneer William Wagner in the 1850s and is the oldest surviving home in Dade County. It was saved by the Dade Heritage Trust in 1979 and was moved from its original location on the Wagner Creek near today’s Culmer Metrorail Station. 

The William English Slave Plantation Longhouse/commonly called Fort Dallas is the oldest preserved building in Miami-Dade County. The Ft.Dallas name is very misleading because the structure was first built in the 1840s as part of a large sugar plantation exploiting enslaved Africans and it was likely the slave quarters. Later US troops were to requisition the plantation buildings in their war with the Seminoles. This stone longhouse was moved to Lummus Park in 1925 from its original location at the north bank of the Miami River near today’s James L. Knight Center.