The Miami Circle

The remarkable discovery of the Miami Circle in 1998 by Robert Carr and the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy was heralded through out the world. This discovery and their subsequent discoveries have made the us aware that for thousands of years downtown Miami was a hub of Native American life.

A Dog Park

When the public began to know what the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy were discovering at Brickell Point there were loud demands for preservation. With money from the County the City of Miami was eventually compelled to buy the developer’s property by eminent domain. The Miami Circle was then covered with turf and it was declared a City of Miami Park. Nowadays there are with tens of thousands of new residents living in new hi-rise towers and many have dogs. As a consequence Brickell Point Park, is now a dog park. Until very recently dogs were often seen defecating on this National Heritage Site. After some outcry there is a now a new fence protecting the Circle.

The New Fence

The sites interpretive signs at the Brickell Point Park give little useful information about the Site. Despite the signage failure at the site, the archaeologists reports have revealed an astounding wealth of information. Below are links two revealing presentations by lead archaeologist Robert Carr.

Robert Carr Lecture in 2018 about the Miami Circle. Perez Art Museum Miami in a new tab)